Os Muppets Conquistan Nova York is the Brazilian release of The Muppets Take Manhattan, dubbed into Portuguese. All musical numbers remain in English.

The dub is available as the Portuguese language track on the US DVD release. In Brazil, it was released on Region 4 by Sony, with English, French, and Spanish tracks. While the bonus features are otherwise identical to the US release, an episode of the Brazilian dub of Muppet Babies was also included.


English Name Brazilian Name Brazilian Voice Actor
Kermit the Frog Caco, o Sapo Nelson Batista
Miss Piggy   Isaura Gomes
Gonzo O Íncrivel Gonzo José Carlos Guerra

Fozzie Bear Urso Fozzie Muíbo Cury
Rowlf   Waldir de Oliveira
Scooter   Orlando Viggiani
Dr. Teeth Dr. Dentuço Marcos Lander
Rizzo the Rat Rizzo, o Rato Flávio Dias
Animal Antônio Moreno
Mr. Wrightson Sr. Wrightson
Lew Zealand Leo Zelândia Jorge Pires
Bernard Crawford  
Bill Leonardo Camilo
Gil Eleu Salvador
Jill Helena Samara
Ronnie Crawford   Ézio Ramos
Jenny   Cecília Lemes
Pete   Mário Jorge Montini
Martin Price   Hélio Vaccari
Mr. Skeffington Senhor Skeffington Borges de Barros
Customer   Márcia Gomes
Snookums Snoocãozinho No Dialogue