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Written by Christopher Cerf
Date 1997
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
EKA Episode 3780

Ernie approaches Grover and asks him if he’s interested in singing a song about opposites. Ernie tells Grover that the format of the song is a game; Ernie will do a task or a movement while Grover does the opposite of the task.

Ernie finds it’s easy to push an empty box; for Grover it’s difficult to pull a full box. Grover is at the bottom of the mountain; Ernie is sitting at the top. Watch as Ernie stands still; Grover runs till he is exhausted. Ernie’s toy truck is in one piece while; Grover’s toy truck is broken in two. Ernie has lots of cookies; Grover has only a few. Ernie feels happy and dry; Grover is wet and feels as blue as a monster can get. Ernie is sitting on a couch holding a feather that’s light; Grover picks up the couch with Ernie sitting and mentions that it weights a ton. Ernie exclaims how opposites are great; Grover doesn’t find opposites are fun. Ernie slides down a pole; Grover climbs up a pole.

Finally, Ernie says that the game is over and Grover gives a sigh of relief...until Ernie suggests they play it again.



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