Written by Frank Loesser
Date 1949
Source Neptune's Daughter (film)
Publisher Frank Music Corp.

"On a Slow Boat to China" is a romantic song that Miss Piggy sings to Roger Moore in The Muppet Show episode 524.

Miss Piggy thinks Roger is going on a date with her, but gets angry when she discovers he's taking Annie Sue out instead. While the couple leave for the opening act of Hamlet, Piggy karate-chops a photo of Roger to the floor.

The song was composed by Frank Loesser for the film Neptune's Daughter. Miss Piggy had previously sung "Baby, It's Cold Outside," another Loesser song from the same film, to an unresponsive, hunky guest star.

A small segment of this song can be seen being performed on the documentary Of Muppets and Men.