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On Chante dans la Rue Sésame

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Songs from  1, Rue Sésame
Released  1980
Format  LP
Label  Disques Adès
Catalogue no.  PM 10.515

This album for 1, Rue Sésame, the French co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Disques Adès in 1980.

On Chante dans la Rue Sésame (People Sing on Sesame Street) is the fourth and last album produced in France.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Générique 1, Rue Sésame (Sesame Street Theme) - Claude Sonneville
  2. La vieille auto (The Old Car) - Roger
  3. Dans la musette (In the Accordion) - Domine
  4. Ruisseli- ruisselant (Streams Streaming) - Roger
  5. Le petite flaque d'eau (The Small Puddle) - Roger and Domine
  6. La ballade de Teddy Boy (The Ballad of Teddy Boy) - Mordicus

Side Two

  1. Le rock du ballon rond (Round Ball Rock) - Mordicus
  2. Le grand bateau (The Big Boat) - Domine
  3. Un sac de billes (A Bag of Marbles) - Roger
  4. La ronde des animaux (The Circle of Animals) - Roger
  5. Chapeau rond, chapeau pointu (Round Hat, Pointed Hat) - Domine
  6. Bonhomme de neige (Snow Fellow) - Mordicus


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