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Sesam Stasjon

Norway is a European country and is the second largest of the Nordic countries. Norway borders Sweden in the east, and longer up north it also borders Finland and Russia.

Norway got it's own co-production of Sesame Street, Sesam Stasjon, in 1991 were it aired on NRK the show was canceled in 2001, but stayed on the air until 2004 due to planned re-runs.


  • An indirect reference was made in The Muppet Show Episode 524 where Kermit introduced the Viking number In the Navy, calling the Scandinavians for savage and cruel.


Only productions aimed at young children are dubbed in Norway. The Muppet Show, Dinosaurs, and other Henson productions aimed more specifically at an older audience have never been dubbed, but instead have been shown with Norwegian subtitles.

Dubs of Muppet/Henson productions include the following:

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