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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1972
Publisher Festival Atractions Inc.
EKA Episode 0348

"No Matter What Your Language (No Importa Su Idioma)" is a Sesame Street song that first appeared on the show in Season 3. In the song, a Spanish speaker teaches an English speaker that anyone can learn a new language, if they take the time to learn.

The song has been sung by a number of pairs, including Rafael and Bob (EKA: Episode 0348) and Luis and Susan (EKA: Episode 0767).

The album version, first heard in 1974 on Big Bird Sings! and ¡Sesame Mucho!, features Luis and Big Bird.

Season 22 debuted a version at Birdland, with Duck Ellington, the Sesame Street All-Animal Jazz Ensemble, and Wynton Marsalis (First: Episode 2874). Luis and Maria's cousins sing the song to Telly in a 1993 episode to teach him Spanish. Rosita also performed the song in a segment from the late 1990s with the Anything Muppets (EKA: Episode 3664).



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