Nissin Cup Noodles is a line of instant ramen-style noodle meals produced by Nissin Foods. Beginning in 1995, Jim Henson's Creature Shop produced a series of commercials, to be broadcast in Japan. The spots starred a family of comedic animatronic cavemen, headed by Father. In each commercial, Father would attempt to rustle up mammoth, sabretooth tiger, or some other item for dinner. He would always fail, and his wiser family generally displayed a preference for Cup Noodles. The campaign received multiple Clio Awards in the Gold, Silver and Bronze classes.




  • Father Saw Stars (1996, Gold Clio)
  • Father Saw Stars Once (1996, Gold Clio)
  • Father Saw Stars Again (1996, Gold Clio)
  • Father Tries to Throw a Rock (1996, Gold Clio)
  • Father Returns (1996)
  • Fishing (1997, Bronze Clio, Gold Clio for campaign)
  • Sneak Thief (1997, Silver Clio)



  • Production Company: Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Los Angeles
  • Creature Shop Director: David Garfath
  • Commercials Director: Shinya Nakajima
  • Art Director: Takuya Onuki
  • Cinematographer: Satoshi Sono
  • Client Supervisor: Hideki Hattori
  • Copywriters: Masahiko Ishii, Tomomi Maeda, Kouji Ando
  • Creative Director: Susumu Miyazaki
  • Editing Company: Omunibus Japan, Tokyo
  • Editor: Jin Sato
  • Producers: Seiichiro Horii, Kazuyuki Machida
  • Designer: Kazuhiro Suda