PERFORMER Walid Mohamed M. Badr
DEBUT 2000
DESIGN Ed Christie designer
  James Wojtal,
Goran Sparrman builders

Nimnim is a large, green, fuzzy full-bodied character from Alam Simsim, the Egyptian co-production of Sesame Street.

In contrast with his large size, "nimnim" translates to "tiny".[1]

Sesame Workshop description

Nimnim is a charming character who delights in life and nature. He is very young, but wise for his age. Although he is big—almost 2 meters tall—he is sweet-natured, gentle, and patient. To Nimnim, everything is fresh and amazing. He reacts deeply and with genuine emotion to all new experiences. He loves to share his love and enthusiasm for life and nature with his many friends.


  1. Babel Baby — Monolingual parents trying to raise a bilingual child "From Sesame Street to Sesame World" March 25, 2015

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