Nigel Lythgoe.

Nigel Lythgoe (b. 1949) served as floor director on The Muppet Show and also choreographed a few fifth season episodes, such as episode 507, with Glenda Jackson's piratical jigs. He recalled his time on the series in the 2005 BBC documentary I Love Muppets. He also served as executive producer of the reality series PopStars and its American counterpart, American Idol.


TV Guide: In addition to producing So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, your resume also includes a stint choreographing The Muppet Show. But Muppets don't have legs.
Lythgoe: It's all these guys with their hands up these little puppets' arses! You look at the [scene] and you stage it. 'Miss Piggy, will you go a little to your right?'
-- from TV Guide: "Q&A with Nigel Lythgoe" (July 3-9, 2006 Issue)
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