Cory Booker New Jersey Mayor

Elmo and the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker at a 2010 red carpet event.


Kermit advertising the New Jersey quarter in an ad for the United States Mint.

New Jersey is the 3rd state of the United States of America.

  • Lydia, the tattooed pig, has a tattoo of the iconic scene of George Washington crossing the Delaware River at Trenton, NJ. The Sesame Muppets also re-enact Washington crossing the Delaware in The Sesame Street 1976 Calendar.
  • In Episode 217 of The Muppet Show, when Kermit discovers the cow backstage, he remarks "I think they're gonna love the show in Jersey."
  • "Born to Add" claims "There's a lot of us adders on the Jersey Shore."
  • The Elephant Elevator Operator muses in his self-titled Sesame Street song that one of his potential occupations could have been a "lifeguard on the New Jersey Shore."
  • In episode 3129 of Sesame Street, agent Bernie books his all-animal band for a gig in Parsippany.
  • Kermit notes that many of the costumes for CinderElmo were imported from New Jersey in a bonus feature interview.
  • In The Muppet Show Live, Miss Piggy appeared on a TV monitor, and told Kermit that she couldn't appear at Muppetfest because she was busy at "Piggyfest, a celebration of all things moi. And let me tell you, Bayonne is lovely this time of year."
  • Pepe the King Prawn is seemingly obsessed with the geography of the northeastern United States, in particular, New Jersey. His favorite vacation location is Camden.
  • In a "Monster Clubhouse" segment, the monsters receive a postcard from Minnie Golf in Tiny Town, New Jersey.
  • Trash Gordon once defeated a nasty inhabitant of the Planet Pizza by trapping them in a pizza box and sending them to New Jersey.

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