Written by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher
Date 1979
Publisher Fuzzy Muppet Songs

Miss Piggy sings "Never Before, Never Again" in The Muppet Movie. After winning the Miss Bogen County Beauty Pageant, she notices Kermit the Frog in the crowd, and begins to fantasize about life with him.

Originally, this song was meant to be sung by Johnny Mathis during the fantasy montage, but after he recorded it, Jim Henson decided it would be funnier if Miss Piggy sang it herself.

Johnny Mathis did eventually sing it in the 1979 special The Muppets Go Hollywood, and Miss Piggy planned on singing it in episode 418 of The Muppet Show with Rowlf on the piano, but she sabotaged the performance to sing with Christopher Reeve. The extended version of The Muppet Movie shown in the UK featured a different instrumental track from the original version.




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