Nelson Batista (1933-1998), sometimes spelled Nelson Baptista, was a Brazilian voice actor who dubbed Kermit the Frog for the Brazilian version of The Muppet Show, and on the tie-in album. He reprised the role for Os Muppets Conquistam Nova York (The Muppets Take Manhattan).

Batista was the Brazilian Portuguese voice of Jerry Lewis in over a dozen films. He dubbed Wayne Rogers on M*A*S*H, Ben Jones on The Dukes of Hazzard, and Ed O'Neill on Married... with Children. For cartoons, he dubbed Goffy in the Disney shorts and other projects (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, A Goofy Movie). For Hanna-Barbera, he dubbed Beegle Beagle on Grape Ape, Mr. Cogswell on The Jetsons, Greedy on The Smurfs, and Ranger Smith in the 1960s Yogi Bear cartoons.