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For the song featuring AM Monsters see Near Far Monsters
For the song by Christopher Cerf see Near and Far (Cerf)
Sesame Street 2 Near and Far

"Near and Far" is a classic Sesame Street routine performed by Grover. This sketch involves Grover running back and forth, demonstrating the difference between "near" and "far." To make sure the viewers understand, he repeats this to the point of exhaustion.

Grover once performed this act with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in the 1970s.

This sketch was first performed during the first season by the character who had not yet been established as Grover, voiced by Jim Henson. It was later remade in the early 1970s. Sometime during the 1970s, there was another "near and far" sketch recorded, with Kermit the Frog instructing Grover to demonstrate. (EKA: Episode 1040)

Grover also demonstrated near and far during the song Over, Under, Around, and Through.

In the late 1990s, Grover briefly re-enacted this bit with "Bo knows near and far" (in a parody commercial with Bo Jackson) In another sketch, Grover demonstrated the concepts on a surf board.

Grover also briefly referenced this act in the "My ABCs" episode of Scrubs. The bit is referenced on Grover's official page on



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