Written by Jerry Juhl
Date 1972

"Name the Animal" is a Sesame Street skit in which Ernie sends Grover out of the room, so Ernie and the gang can pretend to be a certain kind of animal. When Grover comes back into the room, he has to guess what they're pretending to be. The first time, everybody pretends to be pigs, but Grover guesses that they're cows. The second time, they pretend to be cats, but Grover thinks they're cows again. On the third time, Ernie decides to have them pretend to be cows, to make it easy for Grover. But this time, Grover guesses that they're caterpillars. When they tell him that they were cows, Grover doesn't believe it. He then lets a real herd of cows in the front door, and they stampede through the house and out the back door.

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