Nadine (left) with her elephant, Elliot (right)
PERFORMER Alice Dinnean
DEBUT 1998
PATTERN Lavender

Nadine is a young girl who loses her pet elephant, Elliot, in Episode 3779 of Sesame Street.

After she loses Elliot, Elmo uses the elephant in a lecture on the letter I, as Elliot wears the letter on his face. As he leaves, she catches up with Elmo, Telly Monster and Baby Bear and asks if they know of her pet's whereabouts. They inform her they haven't seen Elliot, but have seen a letter I.

Later, Elliot joins the crew for Baby Bear's talk of the number 12, wearing the number on his hears (and a triangle on his side). Nadine finally catches up with Elliot, who muses about doing more in life than sitting at home eating peanuts. She brings him home, promising to do more varied activities together.

She then joins the trio at the end of the show, cheering Telly on as he attempts to see-saw with the elephant.