A special tribute album to Jim Henson and Joe Raposo was produced by Jim Henson Records in April 1994. The album was given out as an exclusive gift to those in attendance to an event honoring the two thrown by NARAS (the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). The album features songs from the Muppet productions the two collaborated on, including The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, The Great Muppet Caper, The Frog Prince and The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show.

The back of the case reads:

Jim Henson and Joe Raposo were both uniquely creative artists. Their collaboration began in the mid-60s through an introduction by writer/director Jon Stone. Their relationship sparked more than twenty years of music and humor. The enclose compact disc represents only a portion of the work created by this tremendously talented team.

Jim Henson Records is proud to present this limited-edition, commemorative CD as a tribute to Jim Henson and Joe Raposo.

Track listing

  1. Steppin' Out with a Star (Raposo)
  2. At the Dance (Raposo)
  3. The Muppet Show Theme (Henson/Pottle)
  4. Happiness Hotel (Raposo)
  5. Bein' Green (Raposo)
  6. Lulu of a Luau (Raposo)
  7. Hey a Movie! (Raposo)
  8. Calendar Song (Raposo)
  9. Couldn't We Ride (Raposo)
  10. Frogs (Raposo/Juhl)
  11. The First Time It Happens (Raposo)