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Written by  Justine Korman
Illustrator  Maggie Swanson
Published  1991
Publisher  Golden Books
Series  Golden Little Look-Look Books
ISBN  0307615197

My Name Is Bert is a 1991 Sesame Street storybook featuring Bert.

Bert introduces himself, and his pet pigeon Bernice. He shows all of the things that he likes -- eating oatmeal, wearing argyle socks, and playing the accordion. He likes to go to Hooper's Store and drink a bottle of Figgy Fizz. He also likes playing with his friends, and collecting bottle caps. His favorite color is brown, and his favorite number is four, and that's on account of the fact that there are four letters in his name, as well as four seasons. Bert also enjoys reading books, watching TV (especially the weather channel), and cleaning up after himself when breakfast is over.


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