Written by Louise Gikow, Justine Korman, Rita Rosenkranz (editors)
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1988
Publisher Longmeadow Press (1988)
ISBN 002689153

My First Muppet Dictionary contains entries for 500 words. Each word is defined, used in a simple sentence, and illustrated. The cast of Muppet Babies is utilized, while the Swedish Chef also figures prominently (still as an adult)for most food or cooking related terms. Statler also appears demonstrating a few words, two years before he appeared in animated form on Muppet Babies.

"A Letter from Jim Henson" appears as a preface at the beginning. Baby Kermit narrates the "How to Use This Dictionary" section.

Additional credits

  • Designed by Sandra Forrest
  • Special thanks to Lauren Attinello, Barbara Brenner, Did Charney, and Rick Pracher for their invaluable assistance
  • And to Bruce McNally for his design concept


The book has been reissued twice since the initial 1988 edition.

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