Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1998
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD 16186

Muziek (Music) features the best songs about music from previous albums.

Track list

  1. Sesamstraat Thema (Sesamstraat Theme) - The Sesamstraat Choir
  2. He He He We Maken Muziek (Hey Hey Hey We're Making Music) - Bert & Ernie
  3. De Dansende Schoenen (The Dancing Shoes) - The Sesamstraat Choir
    Music by Charlie Ernst and Ken Pollock, Lyrics by John Tak
  4. Alfabetmars (Alphabet March) - Bert, Ernie, Grover & Kermit
  5. Beste Vriendjes Blues (Best Friend Blues) - Ernie & Snuffy
  6. Het Rolfluitliedje (The Paper Serpent Song) - Pino
  7. Hiep Hiep Hoera (Hip Hip Hooray) - Bert & Ernie
  8. Ik Ken Een Liedje (Pretty Little Song) - Birds
  9. Ik Zie Ernie's Trompet (I See Ernie's Trumpet) - Bert & Ernie
  10. Noten Tellen (Eight Beautiful Notes) - Count von Count
  11. Rock 'n Roll Wiegelied (Gonna Rock You to Sleep) - Chrissy and the Alphabeats
  12. Rommel Rap (Garbage Rap) - Lesley van der Lek
  13. Zingen Over Dingen (Singing About Things) - Bert & Ernie
  14. Logeren (Staying Over) - Tommie & Ieniemienie
  15. Welle Belle Wals (Welle Belle Waltz) - Bert & Ernie
  16. Winterduet - Bert & Ernie
  17. Lambaba - Count Von Count
  18. Zingen Van Leuke Dingen (Sing of Fun Things) - Bert & Ernie



  • Another theme-based compilation album, Dieren, was released around the same time.

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