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Welch's Muppets in Space coupon

In 1998 Welch's produced six different collectable glass jelly jars/drinking glasses picturing Muppet characters in outer space.

The set includes:

  1. Kermit in Command
  2. Miss Piggy: A Shining Star
  3. Fozzie Bear Gets a Giggle
  4. Gonzo the Great Blasts Off
  5. Rizzo's Lunar Lunch
  6. Animal Jams with the Stars

These special jars were released in May 1998, the same month that the official announcement for the film Muppets from Space was made. At that time, the Jim Henson Company was considering two different scripts for the final film - Jerry Juhl's Muppets from Space and Kirk Thatcher's Muppets in Space. These jars reflect Thatcher's ultimately unused script idea. These collectibles weren't designed to be a movie tie-in for Muppets from Space, but rather are collectibles for the movie that was never made.

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