Music by Richard Gibbs
Lyrics by Richard Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Darin Henry, Jim Lewis, Kirk Thatcher and Patrick Verrone
Publisher Mad Muppet Melodies

The "Muppets Tonight Theme" opens with Kermit the Frog announcing the show from the front doors of KMUP studios. When applicable, he announces that night's guest star, and proceeds to be trampled by a crowd of Muppets who hurry into the building. This beginning portion is underscored with a variation on "The Muppet Show Theme". In the first season, a black and white photo of the Pigs in Space cast could be seen in the background behind Kermit, but in the second season, this was replaced with a Muppets Tonight cast photo.

The camera then follows the action seen in the control room and dressing rooms, where Clifford sings and various Muppets get ready for the show.

An instrumental version of the song appears over the end credits, which was a still shot of the KMUP exterior for the first five episodes, and replaced with outtakes following that.