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Muppets Tonight, the homonymous German dub of Muppets Tonight, premiered on RTL on March 22, 1998.

Thirteen episodes were dubbed, matching the original first season production order rather than the episode order as aired in the US.

In contrast to the original US airing, the UK spots were included, likewise dubbed.

Character Translations and Voices

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Clifford Ekkehardt Belle
Tommy Amper (singing)
Polly Ekkehardt Belle
Gonzo Der große Gonzo Gudo Hoegel
Rizzo the Rat Rizzo die Ratte Willi Röbke
Kermit the Frog Kermit der Frosch Andreas von der Meden
Miss Piggy Berno von Cramm
Johnny Fiama Bernd Stephan
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dr. Honigtau Bunsenbrenner Mogens von Gadow
Pepe Claus-Peter Damitz
Sal Minella Thomas Albus
Statler and Waldorf Thomas Reiner,
Walter Reichelt
Andy Pig Andy Schwein Kai Taschner
Randy Pig Randy Schwein Jan Odle
Bobo the Bear Bobo, der Bär Reinhard Brock
Sam the Eagle Sam der Adler Wolf Ackva
Fozzie Bear Fozzie Bär Walter von Hauff
David Hoggselhoff David Haxelhoff
Animal Das Tier Hartmut Neugebauer
Seymour Manfred Trilling
Big Mean Carl Karl, der böse Thomas Rau
Zippity Zap Bernd Simon
Bill the Bubble Guy Bill
A. Ligator (Announcer) Ansager Christoph Jablonka
Spamela Hamderson Michaela Amler
Howard Tubman Howard Schinkenschmitz Michael Rüth
Carter Alexander Allerson
Dr. Phil van Neuter Niko Macoulis
Snookie Blyer Ulrich Frank
Clueless Morgan Clueless Fred Klaus


Guest Star German Episode Number Additional Voice Actors German Airdate
Michelle Pfeiffer Folge 101 Katja Nottke (Michelle Pfeiffer) March 22, 1998
Martin Short Folge 102 Niko Macoulis (Bean Bunny) April 5, 1998

Paula Abdul Folge 103 Anke Reitzenstein (Paula Abdul) August 8, 1998
Billy Crystal Folge 104 Joachim Tennstedt (Billy Crystal)
Mogens von Gadow (Larry King)
August 15, 1998
Garth Brooks Folge 105 Frank Lenart (Garth Brooks)
Herbert Weicker (Leonard Nimoy)
August 22, 1998
John Goodman Folge 106 Hartmut Neugebauer (John Goodman)
Tony Bennett Folge 107 September 19, 1998
Whoopi Goldberg Folge 108 Regina Lemnitz (Whoopi Goldberg)
Gert Günther Hoffmann (William Shatner)

Jochen Striebeck (Richter Wapner)

September 26, 1998
Heather Locklear Folge 109 Katrin Fröhlich (Heather Locklear) October 10, 1998
Jason Alexander Folge 110 Wolfgang Müller (Jason Alexander) October 17, 1998
Pierce Brosnan Folge 111 Frank Glaubrecht (Pierce Brosnan) October 24, 1998
Cindy Crawford Folge 112 Carin C. Tietze (Cindy Crawford)
Bernd Simon (Cupid)
December 3, 1999
Sandra Bullock Folge 113 Bettina Weiss (Sandra Bullock)
Franz Rudnick (Ernest Pleth)
Jan Odle (Baby Jerry)
Tonio van der Meden (Baby George)
Peter Musäus (Baby Kramer)
December 10, 1999

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