Muppetmobile was a proposed international TV series, which Jim Henson developed with Duncan Kenworthy, Louise Gikow and Jocelyn Stevenson during the production of Labyrinth. The series was meant to teach English as a second language, hopefully launching a video and book series to complement the series.

In 1989, the project gained some momentum when the workshop constructed the titular Muppetmobile, which the characters would use to travel the US and UK. Two full-bodied Muppets were also built: Beak, a large bird, and YesNo, a two-headed creature (visually reminiscent of the Pushmi-pullyu as originally featured in Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle stories). Following Jim Henson's death, a deal was made to make the show into a series of 65, 2-minute shorts to shown on the Japanese network, NHK. However, The Jim Henson Company had moved onto other ventures and production never began.

Many years later, Sesame Workshop produced their own ESL series, Sesame English. The YesNo and Beak puppets would later be used in the film Old Dogs.

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