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Valentine's Day Party supplies

One of the staples of the Hallmark Company is its line of party supplies, including napkins, table coverings, paper plates, and invitations.



In 1979, Hallmark created Miss Piggy invitations, sold in sets of 8. The invitation showed her lounging on cushions, attended by frogs. The front said "Awaiting the pleasure of your company". Inside the cards there was a space to fill in the event details, and the line "Do hope you can make it." The cards measured 3 inches by 5 inches.

Paper Plates and Napkins

These paper plates and napkins were produced in 1981.

Party Puzzlers

In 1981, Hallmark created Kermit party puzzlers. Each clear plastic puzzle contained several small balls and holes; the goal is to get all the balls into the holes at the same time. These were sold in packages of 4 to be distributed as party favors.


In 1978, Hallmark issued these birthday party supplies.

Valentine's Day

Hallmark issued a complete set of party supplies for Valentine's Day in the early 1980s.

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