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Tonner released 16-inch tall, multi-jointed, vinyl Miss Piggy collector's dolls in August 2009; limited to 1000, 500 and 250 pieces. A basic doll was released dressed in a Lycra dress with marabou trim; including a necklace, gloves with sewn-on ring, a wheat blonde wig and shoes. Sold separately for her were two outfits, as well as two different wigs to complete them.

The line was continued with a 2009 Fall/Holiday collection featuring a First Mate Piggy and an FAO Schwarz holiday exclusive doll. The following year the line continued with another collector's doll; limited to 300 pieces; and yet another basic, customizable doll, now sporting a paler blonde wig.

In 2010 the line expanded to include an 11-inch Kermit the Frog, as well as several 11-inch Miss Piggy dolls.

The dolls were created by fashion doll creator Robert Tonner.

2009 Mainline Collection

2009 Fall/Holiday Collection

2010 Collection

2010 Summer Blockbuster Movie Release

Convention Exclusives

2010 Fall/Holiday Collection

2011 Pre-ToyFair Release

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