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VMX bloopers from NBC03:24

VMX bloopers from NBC

Bloopers are outtakes from a production when a mistake is made or the actors go off script.

  • Muppets Tonight — most episodes included bloopers in the end credits. Some of these were available on for a time.
  • Long John Silver's — Pepe's Lounge on the company's official site, at one time housed two 1-minute clips of bloopers from the filming of the commercials.
  • Kermit's Swamp Years — the end credits feature bloopers, and an additional blooper reel is present on the DVD.
  • The MuppetsABC Family previewed a blooper reel for the movie prior to release. "The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History*) *We Think" was included on DVD, Blu-ray and digital releases. Another montage, featuring bloopers from the film and character interviews, was released online as a promo for the film. (YouTube)
  • Subway commercial — a behind-the-scenes video included some bloopers. (YouTube)
  • Toyota — a short blooper reel, including original content with Sweetums, was posted to YouTube. (VIDEO)
  • Audi — A short series of bloopers are included at the end of the 2015 commercial.

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