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Here are some fun facts and figures about Muppet Wiki as we celebrate 11 years of collaborative editing and community.


  11 years

Muppet Wiki was founded on December 5, 2005. The very first article created on the wiki was for Fozzie Bear with the simple (yet factual) text: "Fozzie Bear is a bear." The wiki's description of Fozzie has since grown with remarkable depth and breadth of coverage.

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  31,509 articles

Muppet Wiki has over 31,000 encyclopedic articles on all sorts of topics related to Jim Henson, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and The Muppets Studio. If you were to read one article a day, it would take you over 86 years to read them all!

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  3,076 Muppet characters

Learn about your favorite Muppets with our profiles on 951 characters in The Muppets franchise, 1,652 Sesame Street Muppets, 153 Fraggle Rock characters, and other Muppet productions.

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  2,876 Sesame Street episode guides

Sesame Street is one of the longest-running shows in television history. See what has happened over the course of 46 seasons of children's television with our comprehensive episode guides.

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  120 Muppet Show episode guides

The Muppet Show ran for 5 seasons and 120 episodes... and we've got episode guides for all of them! We also have complete episode guides for 1984's Muppet Babies, 1989's The Jim Henson Hour, 1996's Muppets Tonight and 2015's The Muppets.

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  96 Fraggle Rock episode guides

Dance your cares away, we've got coverage of all 96 episodes of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, plus all 13 episodes of the short-lived animated spin-off. We also have individual articles on 153 Fraggle Rock characters and 196 Fraggle songs.

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  138 Muppet performers

Get to know the talented puppeteers and performers who bring the Muppets to life — including such names as Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and many more!

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  1,925 celebrities

The Muppets have worked with many celebrities — including actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and more! See which famous faces have crossed paths with the Muppets.

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  852 Sesame Street guests

Where do furry monsters and famous personalities mix and mingle? On Sesame Street, of course! Combining celebrities and actors who have appeared on episodic Sesame Street as well as home video releases and specials, a lot of people have visited the street.

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  1,055 Muppet songs

From "Mahna Mahna" (with more than 20 different Muppet performances) to "The Rainbow Connection" (with more than 35 different Muppet performances), you can explore all the songs performed by the Muppets throughout the years.

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  2,239 Sesame Street songs

From "Rubber Duckie" to "C is for Cookie," we've got all your favorite Sesame Street songs, plus 180 Sesame Street albums. So just sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong!

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  1,343 Sesame Street storybooks

We have a detailed guide to the many Sesame Street books that have been published over the years. Be careful of what you find at the end of some of them...

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  36 Christmas specials

The Muppets know how to make the holidays special, and we've got all their Christmas productions covered (plus 133 Christmas carols and more than 64 different Santa Clauses).

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  116 international Sesame Street shows

Sesame Street is the longest street in the world. Discover the different international co-productions from around the globe and get to know 293 international characters.

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  Over 300 Ernie and Bert sketches

We have a comprehensive guide to all the Ernie and Bert sketches from their apartment, their bedroom, their expeditions, and elsewhere. The wiki also has lists of over 80 Ernie and Bert songs and 119 Ernie and Bert storybooks; plus a guide to the duo's animated spin-off.

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  91 Sesame Street Newsflashes

We've got a list of all the many fast-breaking news stories from Kermit the Frog! Check out Sesame Street Newsflash for a complete listing and check out other recurring sketches for more from Sesame Street.

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  32 Pigs in Space sketches

Follow the continuing adventures of the crew of the Swinetrek with our complete listing of Pigs in Space sketches, and also explore other recurring sketches from The Muppet Show.

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  Over 530 Muppet kisses

Kissy, kissy! We've got a list of kissing Muppets. We've also got lists of married Muppets, driving Muppets, dead Muppets, wet Muppets, stretched Muppets, exploding Muppets, eaten Muppets, smoking Muppets, swearing Muppets, musical Muppets, and much more!

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  Over 675 Anything Muppets

The Anything Muppets on Sesame Street have filled many roles -- from Mr. Johnson and Sherlock Hemlock to Guy Smiley and The Amazing Mumford. Get to know the people in your neighborhood and explore our lists of Anything Muppets.

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  Over 70 Muppet pigs

We have pages on more than 70 Muppet pigs... although (if you ask her) the only one who really matters is the fabulous Miss Piggy. We also have pages on more than 200 monsters, 150 birds, 85 grouches, 60 doozers, 55 fraggles, 50 dogs, 30 bears, 40 frogs, and 1 whatever.

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  117,275 photos

A picture's worth a thousand words... and we've uploaded a lot of them! With 117,275 pictures and 31,509 articles, that's an average of 4 unique pictures per page!

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  179 active users

Wikia has over 12,271,186 registered users and Muppet Wiki has 12 administrators with 179 users active on Muppet Wiki within the past month.

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  917,502 page edits

Our editors have been busy collaborating over the past decade with lots of individual page edits to build the wiki. With 917,502 individual page edits, that's an average of 29 edits per article. Help us get to a million!

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  Over 19,000 Facebook fans

"Like" Muppet Wiki on Facebook for fun Muppet content and to stay connected with what's new on the wiki.

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  1 wedding cake!

Watch your step.

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