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Voting opens: Wednesday, March 22, 2:30pm Eastern US

Voting closes: Thursday, March 23, 2:30pm Eastern US

Question: What will the Main Page look like?

Over the last few weeks, we've been trying to decide on a redesign for the Main Page. We held the first vote on the subject last week, and the results were inconclusive. The vote showed that we needed a more structured process for voting, so we created the Muppet Wiki Vote Page policy.

So here we are, taking the new policy out for a spin. We had a Nominations page open for 24 hours, and three options were nominated and seconded. Now those options have come to a vote.

How to vote: Any registered user can vote. The three options are listed below. Vote by adding your name and datestamp under the option that you choose. You can change your vote at any time while the polls are open. Don't add any other comments on this page -- just your name and datestamp.

Closing the vote: According to the Vote Page policy, a choice between three options must be decided by at least 50% of the votes cast. (A 40-30-30% split is not decisive.) If there's less than a 50% split, the issue goes back to discussion. At that point, it's possible to propose a "run-off" election between the top two options.

However, if only two of the options receive any votes, then it should be treated as if it were a two-option vote, and decided by a two-thirds majority. A 51-49-0% split is not decisive, and should go back to discussion.

Communication during the vote: Don't discuss the vote on any public talk page while the polls are open, including Current events -- but it's okay to talk about it on users' individual talk pages. If you want to "play politics" in a respectful way -- encouraging people to vote a certain way, or building coalitions against a third option -- then you can feel free to do that on users' talk pages. (This rule is included because people who are determined to talk about the vote will do it over e-mail anyway. If those conversations are going to happen, it's better that they happen on the wiki, where everybody can see them.)

For more information, see the Muppet Wiki Vote Page policy.

One Color: Off-White

Four Colors

Two Colors

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