Fade in: I'm typing on my laptop.
Me Hey, I'm testing out a new format for how to do transcripts on the wiki.
You Wow, that's not bad. It's better than the old format. That was way too complicated.
Me Tell me about it! What a mess. This is basically just a regular table format, with the borders turned off. If you look at this in edit view, you can just cut and paste the table and add your own characters and words.
You gasp.
You Is it really that easy?
Me You bet! For stage directions, don't put anything in the first section, and put italics around the stage direction, like I just did when you gasped. You can also put pictures on the page; just make sure that the image tag is at the top, above where the table starts.
You Sweet. Still, there's some stuff that needs fixing. It would be nice if the table would automatically expand the first column so that the character name would always be on one line.
Cookie Monster Me would like me name to be all on one line.
You Also, it would be nice if we could make the character name justify at the top of the cell, so it wouldn't be in the middle of the cell when the character has a long speech, like you can see above.
Me Yeah, those are great ideas. Do you know how to do that?
You Sure, let's try this...
To be continued