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Archive of Today on Muppet Wiki, July - August 2006.

August 2006

  • August 30The Koozebanian Phoob is a blue creature from the planet Koozebane, interviewed by Kermit in episode 205 of The Muppet Show. The Phoob is a very rare creature, because they're so tasty. Luckily, they've hit upon a survival strategy -- they evolve quickly to blend in with their surroundings. Very quickly.
  • August 29Wally Boag is an actor and comedian who's been honored as a "Disney Legend" for his long tenure performing in the Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland. Boag portrayed the Traveling Salesman/Pecos Bill, a role he reprised when guest starring in episode 520 of The Muppet Show.
  • August 26Fozzie's Last Lap: Fozzie used to be an innocent, happy child, floating in the swimming pool and daydreaming. Then two inconsiderate swim jocks come into his life... and they change everything.
  • August 25Hare Krishna is an Indian mantra, used in meditation, which spawned a movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Devotees of Hare Krishna became known for their shaven heads, robes, and ubiquitous presence at airports. In The Muppet Movie, Hare Krishna becomes a running gag, used as a stock answer whenever a character refers to being lost.
  • August 24Jacques Roach is a cockroach with a French accent who's appeared in a number of different roles. He was created for The Jim Henson Hour, as a spoof of the French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau. In that sketch, Jacques piloted a submarine with a crew of rats and sheep. He returned to the show in later episodes as a French chef, competing with the Swedish Chef. The same puppet was used in The Animal Show as Yves St. La Roach, and he also appeared as a pirate in Muppet Treasure Island. It just goes to show what a French cockroach can do when he puts his mind to it.
  • August 23Lucy the Elephant is a trained pachyderm performer who appeared in Muppet Treasure Island, bearing Benjamina Gunn in an ornate carriage for Miss Piggy's grand entrance. Shooting had to be carefully choreographed so the elephant wouldn't lean over or go backwards. The trainer personally led Lucy, while surrounded by a parade of puppeteers on both ends. However, the scene was framed to suggest that Lucy was marching entirely on her own.
  • August 22Zsa Zsa Porkmustard is one of the finalists in the Miss Galaxy Pageant, representing the planet Koozebane. Instead of singing a song, she excretes ammonia while setting fire to her nose. Oddly enough, she loses.
  • August 21Hasbro Sesame Street Weebles: If you're in your thirties and somebody asks you what Weebles do, then obviously you answer, "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down." If you're not in your thirties, then you probably have no idea what Weebles are. It's a magical secret that only people in their thirties know.
  • August 20Sesame Street Online Stories: has a number of "online interactive storybooks" that kids can click through and enjoy. The title art for "Cold In My S'nose" is pretty amazing. So is the title "Cookies Can't Laugh".
  • August 18Skenfrith is the ultimate conformist, a magical creature who changes his appearance based on what other people think he is. Red thinks that he has pigtails and likes to swim. The Gorgs think that he's a horrible monster with two heads -- or is that three heads?
  • August 17The Wizard travels around Fraggle Rock, performing dubious magical feats and trying to escape from the Poison Cackler that's chasing him. But his wanderings may be over when he finds a gullible Fraggle to trade places with...
  • August 14Season 37 starts this week! The new season of Sesame Street begins with the introduction of a new fairy character, Abby Cadabby, and focuses on getting kids ready for school. In other Season 37 news, Gina is going to adopt a baby in episodes that will air in November, during National Adoption Month.
  • August 10Abby Cadabby: The new season of Sesame Street begins airing next week, and a new character is moving to the Street. Abby, performed by veteran Muppeteer Leslie Carrara, is a fairy-in-training whose powers so far only extend to turning things into pumpkins. She'll be attending Storybook Community School with Baby Bear, so maybe she'll learn some more spells as the season goes on...
  • August 5Atari Sesame Street games: In Big Bird's Egg Catch, you help Big Bird win the county fair egg contest by collecting eggs that fall directly from the nether regions of chickens, down into a basket that Big Bird is carrying on his head. Well, it was 1983, so maybe that sort of thing made sense back then. PS: Sesame Street is set in New York City, so it's a little unclear where that "county fair" is being held.

July 2006


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