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Articles on fan projects, such as websites, fan films, fan events, fan art, or other such fan creations are allowed on Muppet Wiki so long as they are sufficiently notable. Articles on non-notable fan projects will be deleted. Articles on fan creations belong in Category:Muppet Fandom.

The following criteria may be used to determine notability:

  • Content: For a fansites, the site must have substantial and unique content. Fan projects should be a unique, interesting, and substantial creation.
  • There should be something interesting to say about the item and why it's notable.
  • If the wiki article is almost as long as the text on the site, this is a bad sign.
  • If the wiki article is mainly a picture (or collection of pictures) that simply show something "cool" that a fan made, this is a bad sign.
  • A complete fan film is substantial; a video clip of a Muppet impression is not.
  • Longevity: For fansites, a site should have been in active operation for at least six months.
  • A fansite merely remaining accessible is not the same as remaining active.
  • This guideline can be ignored for subjects that pass other criteria by a substantial margin.
  • Outside coverage: The project should have received coverage from a significant outside source(s).
  • This includes mentions from notable third-party, published sources (newspaper, notable professional-run websites, television/radio, etc.)
  • This includes endorsements from official Muppet/Henson organizations or individuals.
  • Only being mentioned in fan forums, personal blogs, fansites or other such outlets is not enough.
  • For non-notable items: Fan sites is a place to list interesting web content that does not qualify for a full article, but does qualify as a genuine and unique fan project.
  • Simply showing up on Google or having a domain name is not proof of notability for an article.