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Performer Templates

These templates, to be placed at the top of each page, identify a character's performer, voice, or live actor. All names are automatically linked. Note: Assistants and alternate performers are not ordinarily included in the template, unless they received equal credit as puppeteers.

  • Template:Performer- For use when only one performer (puppeteer, actor, or cartoon/audio voice actor) played a character. Also used when a single puppeteer is considered the primary performer, having played the character for the longest or most consistent period, with recasts or substitutes noted in the article.
Format: {{performer|Joe Puppeteer}}
  • Template:Performer2- For characters where the role was recast, with the date ranged between the performer names, or where one performer provided the voice and the other the puppetry.
Format: {{performer2|Lynne Thigpen|voice|Peter Linz|puppeteer}}
Or: {{performer2|Frank Oz|date range|Eric Jacobson|Date range}}
  • Template:Performer3- Mainly for Creatures and other puppets where one person operated the facial animatronics, another the body, and another the voice, or where a character has had three primary performers.
Format: {{performer3|Mak Wilson|face|Bill Barretta|body|Stuart Pankin|voice}}
  • Template:Performer4: Used for four performers, usually for groups, or when four people have played a character on a regular basis, with no clear primary performer (used mainly with international characters such as Samson and Abelardo, who have been consistently recast several times). Should only be used when the performers are known and consistent for the group, otherwise use performer-various, discussed below.
Format: {{performer4|Jim Henson|1969-1972|Fran Brill|1972-1974|Frank Oz|1974-1976|Brian Muehl|1976-1978}} :'''Or:''' <nowki>{{performer4| Sam Puppeteer|puppeteer|Rick Puppeteer|puppeteer|David Voicester|voice|Thomas Thespian|voice}}
Or: {{performer4|Dave Goelz|group member 1|Richard Hunt|group member2|Louise Gold|Group member 3|Jim Thurman|group member 4}}
  • Template:Performer-various: Used above the character image to note occasions when either five or more performers played a given character or group (such as The Fireys, or where a minor character has never had a consistent performer (such as Scudge). Performers in these instances should be discussed in detail in the article or in a chart.
Format: {{performer-various}}
  • Template:Performer-voice: Used for characters where the only known or consistent performer is a voice actor who did not puppeteer the character
  • Format: {{performer-voice|Christopher Cerf}}

Designer Templates

Like the performer templates, can be used to give credit to the designers and builders of given characters; also works for set designers, animated character designers, and any area where design is involved. Unlike the performer templates, names must be Wikified to become links.

Format: {{designer|[[Insert Name]]|designer|[[Insert Name]]|builder}} or {{designer|[[Name 1]] & [[Name 2]]|designers|[[Name 1]], [[Name 2]], [[Name 3]]|builders}}
  • Template:Designer1: For cases where only one designer/builder is involved, or when only the builder or designer is known.
Format: {{designer|[[Insert Name]]|builder}}

Information Templates

Most of these templated have variable fields. That is, names have to be link coded. Note that every field must be entered, but unnecessary fields are removed by using the form "field=" and leaving the rest blank.



Navigational Templates

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