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The ads pictured on this page have appeared on Google since March, 2007. The ads haven't been placed by any of the hosts or regular contributors of Muppet Wiki, or by anyone from Wikia. We're very pleased that somebody is paying to advertise Muppet Wiki, and we're curious to know who it is! If you're the person who's posting these ads -- thank you, and please come say hi!

Muppetwiki google-ticker-ad Muppetwiki google-ticker-ad2 Muppetwiki google-ticker-ad3
Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad2 Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad3
Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad4 Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad5 Muppetwiki google-sidebar-ad6
Muppetwiki google-forum-ad

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