This is a project page for tracking celebrities and guests that need article on the wiki, or need extra information about their connection to the Muppets. Some of this is carried over from this space when we used to use talk pages for discussion. Please use this thread to discuss tracking down details for the topics on this page.

Sesame Street

  • Cal Ripken, Jr. [1]
  • Monica Seles [2]
sources mixed

a source exists for the following, but Sesame Workshop has no record in their digital database which we're told may be missing data

  • Kathy Bates [3]
  • Shaquille O'Neal [4]
  • Steve Guttenberg [6]

My Favorite Sesame Street Moments

40 Years book

Listed in the 40 years book
  • Deborah Starr
  • India Koloff
  • Jessye Norman
  • Mark McEwen
  • Vinnette Carroll
  • Steve Martin (possibly still listed from a planned appearance)
Listed in the 40 years book; additional details added here from Sesame Archives employees.
  • Kathleen Battle — Season 22, appeared with Grundgetta and Placido Flamingo
  • Tim Scanlin (possibly spelled Scanlon) was a member of National Theatre of the Deaf. He appears in a segment with David, Linda, and Luis from Season 5 about Over/Under.
  • Lucky Peterson — Season 5, sang a song "One, Two, Three." He was a kid when he appeared on the show.
  • Norberto Kerner — Appeared once in Season 9 and in several episodes during Season 14.
  • Phil Simms — quarterback for the New York Giants when the team appeared in the Sesame Street Special and in Season 19.
  • Rob Gottfried — Season 11, Slow/Fast Drumming (limbo segment)
  • Roger Caras — Season 15. He was an animal handler on ABC News. He brings a bloodhound on the show in a segment with Big Bird, Gordon, and kids.
  • Roosevelt Grier — Season 6. Sang a song: "I Used to Be Little Kid" and another segment involving a phone booth.
  • Alan Houston — Season 36. Appeared in a live action segment called "Play Ball."
  • Andy Garcia — Season 24. Two segments: Big Bird Makes a Movie with Andy Garcia, and a segment with Elmo and Telly Monster.
  • Ed Waterstreet — Season 18, several segments. Ed is married to Linda Bove.
  • Enrique Iglesias — Season 31 sang a song “Amigo” with Elmo, Lulu, Maurice, and Telly.
  • Gary Carter — Season 18, appears in a closing segment with Keith Hernandez and Mookie Wilson.
  • Geri Jewell — Season 16, talks about cerebral palsy with Big Bird, plays computer games with David, tells a story with Barkley and Telly Monster, and talks about careers with Big Bird and kids.
  • Holly Near — Season 12, songs: “You’ve Got Me Flying,” and “Water Comes Down”
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee — Season 21 appears in monster on the spot segment with Telly and in a segment with the Two-Headed Monster
  • Joe Silver — Season 14
  • Vinette Carroll — Season 3 appears with Big Bird and kids
  • Ruben Blades — Season 17: Ruben Blades meets Big Bird and Oscar
  • Lassie — Season 23, 26, 28
  • Paula Poundstone — Season 24, appears with live dogs, Maria, Snuffy, and Snuffy’s Mom
  • Tom Hanks — Season 24: Waiting for the Bus with Big Bird and kids
  • Robie McGrath — Season 8, plays bluegrass music with Bob, Luis, and kids on stoop
  • Double Dutch Jumpers — Season 11 and 15, [7]
  • Los Pleneros — Season 24
  • Nayeb


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