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Muppet Wiki project pages useful for regular editors in the community.

Current Events

Current Events is where contributors can talk about changes that reflect the whole of the wiki.

Recent Changes

The history of Recent and Past Changes.

Active Talk Pages

Anytime a question comes up about a particular page, the talk template is added to the top of the article which places it in the Active Talk Pages category.

Other helpful areas

For general wiki help, FAQ and our list of policies and manual of style used on the wiki.
The Attention category collects pages which are in particular need of fleshing out. Details for each are notated on the article's talk page.
Some articles are in need of information requiring more extensive, long-term research.
Whenever possible, articles need to provide sources as to where their information comes from. The citation tag is meant to flag these specifics so that a source can be found.
Just as the name suggests, this is a list of articles on the wiki that either don't have any pictures yet, need a better quality image, or additional missing imagery.
See also, pages using a placeholder, Noimage.png, Noimage-big.png
Cases in which characters or puppets show up in a production for which we are unsure of its origins, name or reuse. Screenshots or other imagery is preferable.
All Sesame Street episode guides are required to be built with on-hand video material available to the contributor. In some cases, these materials have been incomplete. If you have complete copies of these episodes, please fill in the missing segments.

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