Stick puppets back

Fisher-Price produced a series of seven Muppet Show stick puppets in 1978.

The stick puppets can be considered the first Muppet action figures. Each figure comes with a stick that fits in a hole in the figure's back.

The following characters were made:

  • Kermit, articulated hips
  • Miss Piggy, non-articulated finger puppet
  • Fozzie, articulated hips
  • Gonzo, holding a rose; movable neck, arms and legs
  • Rowlf, articulated hips
  • Animal, holding drumsticks; movable neck and arms
  • Scooter, movable neck, arms and legs

The figures were sold separately. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie and Rowlf were also available in a boxed set.

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