Songs from Muppet Show (Brazil)
Released 1978
Format LP
Label RCA
Cat no. 103.0252

Muppet Show is an album of songs from The Muppet Show, translated into Portuguese. Unlike the French-language album, which contains all of the songs from the first Muppet Show album, only about half of these songs appear on the US version. The other songs are unique to this release.

Like the series dub, the album was produced by Álamo Laboratório in São Paulo using the same voice talents. Although principal performers are identified by name (but not by role), the chorus is listed as Coral Álamo.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Abertura Muppet Show - (The Muppet Show Theme)
  2. Com Os pés na lama - (Mississippi Mud)
  3. O Contrabaixo - (Mr. Bassman)
  4. Voce nao me quer mais - (Don't Want My Love)
  5. Quero Grana - (Money)
  6. Criqueti Cri - (Cottleston Pie)
  7. Eu sou meu proprio avo - (I'm My Own Grandpa)
  8. Que haja sol em sua vida - (May You Always)
  9. E agora, amor? - (What Now My Love)
  10. Pachalafaka
  11. Lidia a mulher tatuada - (Lydia the Tattooed Lady)

Side Two

  1. Mah Na Mah Na / Lullaby of Birdland
  2. Amanhã - (Tomorrow)
  3. Boogie-Woogie - (Back in 44)
  4. Vamos Cantar - (Another Somebody)
  5. Não Me Adoce - (Don't Sugar Me)
  6. Simão Simão - (Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear)
  7. Meu Peixinho - (The Fish I Love)
  8. Tenramente - (Tenderly)
  9. Atraves De Voce - (I'm Looking Through You)
  10. Nao é facil ser verde - (Bein' Green)