Muppet Magazine issue #21

Issue #21: Winter 1988

Cover: "Jason Bateman -- The Star of Teen Wolf Too" (Jason Bateman, Kermit, Miss Piggy)

  • "Clowning Around with Bill Irwin": Kermit interviews Bill Irwin
  • "Miss Piggy in Hollywood: Behind-the-Scenes at the Universal Studios Tour"
  • "The Origin of the Olympics": Three-page comic strip
  • "Jason Bateman & Fozzie in Bear Wolf Too!": Fozzie interviews Jason Bateman
  • "Origin of the Olympics!": Comic featuring the Muppets' verision of how the Olympic Games began.
  • "Mondo Muppet": Relatives
  • "The Muppet Mailbag," "Miss Piggy's Advice," "Gonzo's Weirder Than Me," "Ask Dr. Honeydew," "Rowlf On Books," "Coming Attractions," "Floyd's Record Rap," "Zoot's Salute," "Scientifically Speaking with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew"

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