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Over the years, the Muppet community has had many conflicts which have become fights and brawls. Miss Piggy and Animal, for instance, are particularly violent, but other Muppets, or guest stars, can pick a fight too.

The Muppet Show

  • Episode 405 - Gonzo and his chickens brave Link Hogthrob and his louts pigs, singing "Macho Man". Gonzo's gang wins the battle, the pigs hoist the white flag.
  • Episode 411 - During the show's closing, after the final song "United We Stand", the Muppets get into a clash (Gonzo : "Miss Piggy, you're standing on my foot !" Miss Piggy : "The whip is back !" Scooter : "Hey, don't call me whip !") in contradiction with the lyrics of the song.

Sesame Street

  • Episode 0746 - Count von Count hires Ernie to answer his phone. But when it rings, the Count wants to count the rings, and prevents Ernie from picking up the phone. The Count wants to count, and Ernie wants to pick up, so a fight ensues.
  • Episode 0758 - While Kermit is getting ready to interview the Seven Dwarfs, Count Von Count rushes into their house to count them, and makes a fighting mess.


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