Muppet Babies Rub n' Play Transfer Set is a 1985 Muppet Babies crafts set made by Colorforms. The set includes an "Action Poster" showing a park setting with a swingset, a slide, a treehouse, an airplane, a lake and a pirate ship. A sheet of "Rub n' Play Magic Transfers" and a "Rubbing Tool" allow young crafters to decorate the poster with pictures of Muppet Babies characters enjoying their time in the park. Packs of transfers were also sold without the rest of the set.

Characters in the set include Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo, Baby Animal, Baby Rowlf, Baby Bunsen, Baby Beaker and Baby Robin.

The art was by illustrator Daryl Cagle.

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