Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Tom Brannon and John E. Barrett
Published 1991
Publisher Smithmark Publishers Inc.
Series Muppet Press
ISBN 0765197316

Muppet Babies' Classic Nursery Rhymes is a large format book containing photos by John Barrett of the Muppet Babies puppet posers in their version of classic nursery rhymes.

Each photo is accompanied by text from the featured story, surrounded by illustrations by Tom Brannon. Each photo contains a rat hiding in the background, possibly meant to be a Baby Rizzo.

The photos originally appeared in the Muppet Babies Nursery Rhyme Calendar 1989. As a result, several of the pieces also fit specific seasons or holidays (for example, Gonzo as kissing Georgy Peorgy is carrying a Valentine's Day heart).

The quality taken in putting together each photo and its presentation, from lighting and color palettes, set construction to costumes, and right down to the tiny details, is reminiscent of what Mike Frith was doing in the 1980s on such projects as the Miss Piggy Calendars.

An abridged, small-format version of the book was released as Muppet Babies Nursery Rhymes.



  • In the Wee Willie Winkie photograph, there is a framed picture of Nanny on the wall. Since Nanny's face is never shown, the picture is of her legs.
  • Gonzo's stuffed doll Camilla also appears in several photos.


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