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Sketches starring Herry Monster. Herry Monster also interacted with real children in the Monsters in Day Care and Sesame Street Goes to Day Care segments.

Picture Summary / EKA Description
Episode 0597
Herry and John-John discuss the letter Q.

Online: (SSvideo)

Herry and John-John count to 20
Episode 0762
Herry and John-John count to 20.

Video: Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days, Counting with Elmo
Special: Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting, The World of Jim Henson
Online: (SSvideo)

Herry and John-John on Loud and Soft
Episode 0774
Herry and John-John talk about the difference between "loud" and "soft".

Online: (SSvideo)

Up and Down
Episode 0784
Herry Monster asks John-John if he knows the difference between up and down.

Book: Sesame Street Unpaved
Online: (SSvideo)

Episode 1005
Herry and Laura demonstrate geometric shapes.
Episode 1043
Herry asks Kimberly to identify geometric shapes.
Episode 1050
Herry and Kimberly talk about the things and people they love.

Online: (SSvideo)

Spanish Body Parts
Episode 1052
Michelle teaches Herry how to say the name of several body parts in Spanish.

Online: (SSvideo)

Sharing Apples
Episode 1056
Herry and two kids share a bag of apples.

Video: Old School: Volume 2

Same and Different
Episode 1575
Herry Monster and Chris explore the ways they're the same and different.

Online: (SSvideo)

Touch Game Herry Monster plays a game with a boy named Eric, who closes his eyes and guesses what Herry hands him (a ball, a feather, and his head).

Video: Play-Along Games & Songs (edited)

Love Herry asks a boy, Michael, if he can name some people that he loves.

Book: Sesame Street Unpaved
Online: (SSvideo)

Back and Front with Herry Herry demonstrates "back" and "front" with three kids. First, he points out that the viewer can see the children's fronts, then (after scaring the kids) they see their backs as they run away!

Online: (SSvideo)

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