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Moments with Grover, Kermit and kids.

Picture Kid / EKA Description
Episode 1448
Grover, Kimberly, and Kermit demonstrate first and last.
Episode 1459
Kermit and Marlina demonstrate what the number 12 looks like. Grover is supposed to send up a balloon with the number 12 on it; however, he sends up balloons with the number 3, 9, a letter "A", and Cookie Monster before he finally gets it right. To celebrate that he sends up another balloon with a drawing of himself, but he doesn't let go of the balloon so he floats away with the balloon.
Episode 3071
Grover tells Debo that the letter that's on the wall is an X, but that it's a secret. Kermit overhears Grover mention a secret and wants to know what letter the X is.
Episode 3159
Kermit asks Grover and Debo what the letter A is.
Jennifer Kermit and Jennifer bend their knees. Grover comes out of a hole in the ground, and Jennifer invites him to join them, but Grover remarks, "When you start talking about noses, give me a call."

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