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Moments with Grover, Kermit and kids.

Picture Kid / EKA Description
Episode 1448
Grover, Kimberly, and Kermit demonstrate first and last.
Episode 3071
Grover tells Debo that the letter that's on the wall is an X, but that it's a secret. Kermit overhears Grover mention a secret and wants to know what letter the X is.
Episode 3159
Kermit asks Grover and Debo what the letter A is.
Marlina Kermit and Marlina demonstrate what the number 12 looks like. Grover is supposed to send up a balloon with the number 12 on it; however, he sends up balloons with the number 3, 9, a letter "A", and Cookie Monster before he finally gets it right. To celebrate that he sends up another balloon with a drawing of himself, but he doesn't let go of the balloon so he floats away with the balloon.
Jennifer Kermit and Jennifer bend their knees. Grover comes out of a hole in the ground, and Jennifer invites him to join them, but Grover remarks, "When you start talking about noses, give me a call."

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