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Picture Theme / EKA Description
The Alphabet
Episode 0320
Cookie Monster and Genelle say the alphabet.
Counting to 20
Episode 0328
Cookie Monster and Genelle count to 20
School Sign
Episode 0514
Cookie Monster shows David the school sign he tore off a building earlier.
D is for Doggie
Episode 1186
Cookie Monster shows Jason that D is for Doggie.
Cookie Subtraction
Episode 2341
Cookie Monster and Melody subtract cookies.


Street Sign
Episode 2366
Cookie Monster shows David a sign that says STREET.
Episode 2614
Cookie Monster has Tara help him explain the word information by giving him cookies to eat.
Episode 2784
Cookie Monster and Zelda have a discussion about cookies.
L Word
Episode 3259
Cookie Monster asks Lexine to say a word that begins with the letter L.
The Letter A
Episode 3283
Cookie Monster asks Jawhara what letter they're holding.
Counting to 5
Episode 3284
Cookie Monster asks Lexine to count to 5.
Loud and Soft
Episode 3286
Cookie Monster asks Jawhara what loud and soft are.
Happy and Sad
Episode 3299
Cookie Monster asks Lexine to express happy and sad faces.
The Letter Z
Episode 3332
Cookie Monster and Lexine identify a letter Z.
Episode 3524
Cookie Monster asks Lexine what 0 is.
The Face
Episode 3752
Cookie Monster asks Jahwara to point to parts of her head.
Episode 3798
Lexine and Cookie Monster tell each other they like each other, then hug.
Episode 3814
Lexine gives Cookie Monster a cookie.
Love Jason reads a "LOVE" sign Cookie shows him.

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