Active March 6, 2011 - January 18, 2013
Type unofficial fansite
Creator Steve Swanson
Joe Hennes
Ryan Roe
Ryan Dosier
Dave Hulteen was a Muppet fan website created in March of 2011 to act as a hub for The MuppetCast (Steve Swanson), Tough Pigs (Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe), and The Muppet Mindset (Ryan Dosier), with art by fan artist Dave Hulteen.

From the website: was created to be the online destination for Muppet news, information, and entertainment as provided by other Muppet fans. The online Muppet fanspace has grown considerably in recent years, and so with the work of several folks in the community, we hope you find everything on the site useful and fun!

The site hosted the 2011 and 2012 Muppet Madness Tournaments, an event previously hosted by ToughPigs and The MuppetCast on

While the site was moderately popular initially, it proved to not be successful. In 2012, the site was modified to be redirected to the aforementioned Muppet Madness Tournament and stayed untouched until the domain name expired in January 2013.