DEBUT 1980
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Mrs. Altuna Rooney is a woman from the town of Fishville, Mississippi who appears as a lucky contestant on Guy Smiley's Mystery Mix Up Game. When called, Mrs. Rooney runs up onto the stage in great excitement and gives Guy a big kiss right on the cheek. She listens eagerly to the announcer telling her the prizes she gets if she wins, scarcely able to contain herself. Then she carefully sorts out through the six mystery letters and forms the word 'school'. Then, still caught up in her sorting nature, she begins moving all her prizes (and Guy) around the stage deciding where they should go.

Her prize list included the following: four fabulous flowers from Flegal the Florist; a terrific GTZ TV; a remarkable refrigerator by Cool & Company; a surprise package from Freddie Fink's Fabulous Furriers; a handsome vacuum cleaner by the Hoodwinked Vacuum Cleaner Company; a stand-up, sit-down, fully automatic oven range by Rufus Ranges; a genuine plastic lawn mower by Dream Machine; a wonderful milk machine by Golden Guernsey; and a grand prize piano by Pulitzer.