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PERFORMER Norberto Kerner
DEBUT 1978

Mr. Ortiz was a temporary helper at Hooper's Store on Sesame Street, introduced in 1978 for two Season 9 episodes, and several episodes of season 14. A Spanish-speaking, middle-aged man, Mr. Ortiz was hired by Mr. Hooper in episode 1098. Mr. Ortiz taught Mr. Hooper a few Spanish words and befriended Oscar the Grouch (who spoke to him in his native tongue).

Later that season, in episode 1155, Mr. Ortiz loses his house in a fire. He looks up his friend Mr. Hooper, who lets him stay. The two men sample each other's food styles and further their communication with more English/Spanish lessons. When he departs, a grateful Mr. Ortiz gives Mr. Hooper a new apron as a thank you gift, which Mr. Hooper proudly wears.

In Episode 1497, it is revealed that Mr. Ortiz's first name is Geraldo.

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