DEBUT 2004
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Mr. Can You Guess is the latest game show host to frequent Sesame Street, following Guy Smiley and Sonny Friendly. He distinguishes himself from his predecessors by altering his name and appearance to suit the nature of the game he's hosting.

Debuting in Season 35, and appearing once per season thereafter, his identities have included "Mr. Square" (Episode 4065), "Mr. Healthy Food" (Episode 4085), and "Mr. Pattern" (Episode 4129). He typically challenges Elmo and his friends to find the items which the game's theme is built around, before a small mouse has a chance to ring the bell. His first two episodes were included in the direct-to-video release Guess That Shape and Color.

Sesame Workshop presskit bios for performer Tyler Bunch initially referred to the character as "Mr. Gameshow."