Fozzie Bear and his mother, Emily Bear.

Mother's day

Roosevelt Franklin celebrating Mother's Day with his Mom.

A list of Muppet mothers who have sons and daughters, both on screen and in books. In the case of long-running characters, the source listed is the character's first appearance.

Aunt Jill

Betty Lou's Mommy

Big Bird's Mommy

Belle the Bubble Mom

Carla the Big Mean Mom

Cookie Monster's Mother

The Count's Mother

Mama Countess

Eliot Shag's Mom

Elmo's Mom

Emily Bear

Ernie's Mommy

Fairy Godmommy

Granny Cantilever

Grover's Mommy

Herry's Mother


Kermit's Mom


Ma Gorg

Ma Otter

Mama Bear

Mama Duck

Mama Fiama

Miss Piggy's Mother

Modem Doozer

Mommy Dodo

Mommy Snuffleupagus

Mother Bunny

Mother Goose

Mother Mouse

Mr. Johnson's Mother

Mrs. Frazzle

  • Frazzle, son -- Sesame Street sketch

Mrs. Grouch

Murray's Mother


Nigel's Mom

Prairie Dawn's Mom

Queen Peuta

Roosevelt Franklin's Mother


Sweetums' Mommy

Telly's mom

Terri Springer

Tessie Twiddlebug


The Two-Headed Monster's Mother

Wingnut Doozer

Zelda Rose

Zippity Zap's Mom

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