AM MotherGoose
DEBUT 1977
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand
For other uses, see Mother Goose (disambiguation)

Mother Goose is the famous author of children's poetry in Sesame Street. Apparently, she has her own office where she writes these poems. In one sketch, she is paid a visit from The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe and her children. The woman tries to help her figure out the remaining word that rhymes with 'shoe'. They come up with zoo, but since none of the kids want to go there, it doesn't work. The right word hits them when Mother Goose asks the woman to 'DO' something about her kids. After it's all written, Mother Goose has to handle the rambunctious children herself when the old woman leaves them in her care while she goes off to do her errands.

In another sketch, Mother Goose helps Little Boy Blue write his poem. When the poem is done, Little Boy Blue blows his horn for the animals, who barge into her office and make a mess. (EKA: Episode 1449)

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